We Believe

We believe...

God created us for relationship with Him, that He might dwell among us, we His people and He our God.

We rejected God and His purpose for us in rebelling against our Creator.

For this reason, all creation groans under the bondage of sin and injustice. We have inherited brokenness and a depraved will leading unto death. Separated from God and without hope in the world, we stand in need of redemption, forgiveness, and healing.

It is in light of this reality that we proclaim the Good News of our Master Yeshua HaMashiach:

  • The Revelation of God and His love for us through the person of Yeshua, the Living Word
  • The atonement for sins and reconciliation to God through the work of the cross
  • The resurrection of the dead and new life in Yeshua
  • The reign of Messiah and the reality of His Kingdom
  • The final judgment and the restoration of all things

This is the Gospel to all who turn toward God and place their faith in Yeshua. It is a grace not dependent on lineage or status or works or knowledge of Torah.

There is nothing to be added to the finished work of Messiah, but we may respond to this Gospel and participate in His work of redemption through:

  • Seeking to know our Creator through His creation, His Word, His mighty acts, and His promises.
  • Acknowledging our brokenness and need for the grace of God.
  • Allowing the Spirit of God to work in us, putting on our new identity in Messiah
  • Submitting humbly to Yeshua's reign and proclaiming the good news of His Kingdom
  • Participating in repairing the world in anticipation of the ultimate redemption still to come

These themes of the Gospel are expressed throughout all of Scripture, most especially through the life and work of Yeshua through which the Gospel is effected. Furthermore, it is our hope that Yeshua and His Gospel would be proclaimed in every city on every Sabbath until He returns. For this Gospel stands at the very center of our faith. It is our hope in Messiah.