Download this year's reading schedule

Download this year's reading schedule

The Modern Messianic Lectionary is a project to create a new family reading cycle that traverses the entire Bible, with the Gospels and the Torah as its focal points. Using the Torah cycle alone leaves a vast majority of the Bible uncovered, including much of the life of Messiah and the message of the Gospel (which are the very foundation of our faith). This reading cycle aims to fill that gap.

Readings are divided out into a 3-year cycle, arranged to maintain the integrity of each book while still providing a variety of readings throughout each year. The schedule is laid out to align with the Hebrew calendar:

  • Sukkot / Post-Sukkot Season: Matthew / Luke / Genesis
  • Winter: History
  • Spring / Passover: Mark / John / Exodus
  • First Fruits -> Pentecost: Torah
  • Summer: Epistles
  • Fall Holiday Season: Prophets

This project is still very much under development, and feedback is appreciated.

Download the 2017-2018 calendar here.

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